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Welcome to this comprehensive section of our website that showcases our vision, details, categories, assessment criteria and nomination form to facilitate online submissions. If you are here – it’s because you have recognised the need for quality Patient Experience in your domain and have implemented tangible efforts on - ground to achieve your objectives. That alone – we believe already makes you a winner! The race here is to evaluate the best and the brightest amongst us – so read on!

The Patient Experience movement is growing within India and around the world. Both hospitals and healthcare providers are realising the significance of the patient feedback which is being used in their own teams to improve care. The Indian market is also witnessing the relevance of Patient Experience efforts and ambitions. However, there are no dearth of challenges as India lags behind in the world averages in key health indicators, health infrastructure and manpower compared to the developed world. Hence organisations who - through their innovative solutions are able to address these challenges, should be recognised and encouraged.

These Awards are constituted for recognising the efforts towards introducing the best Patient Experience practice/s with an aim to felicitate organisations and individuals for their contributions to the industry by innovating increased efficiency, affordability and improved experience of healthcare delivery at large.
The CRM ACADEMY OF ASIA - Terragni - ICC Patient Experience Excellence Awards, 2019
( PEXA2019 Awards )
, recognise invaluable service and celebrate what is best about what we do, encouraging others and raising the bar a little higher each year. Fortunately, with the benchmarks these Awards will recognise, everyone will leave with at least one new idea to put into practice back home.

The Awards will select those winners and ambassadors who have displayed a patient-centred approach with a critical role to play in quality improvement. As the quality of Patient Experience also affects patient safety and self - reported outcomes, this work has much wider effects. The move to new care models will show the new opportunities to improve care across boundaries where it has traditionally fallen short.

These Awards are the only recognition for contribution to Patient Experience in the country and are based on innovation and impact.

About Us


The CRM Academy of Asia
The ‘CRM Academy of Asia’ ( CRMAA ), is a global not-for-profit organisation formulated for developing a network of CX community professionals and offering audits, guidance, consulting and support in accelerating the ever-growing field of Customer Relationship and Experience Management.


Terragni Consulting
It is India’s premier consulting organisation in the areas of Behaviours, Experience and Neuroscience and works globally with some of the world’s leading and most innovative brands in enhancing their experience, customer, patient and employee engagement.


Indian Chamber of Commerce
The Indian Chamber of Commerce, or ICC as it is popularly known, is the premier body for business and industry in Eastern and North-Eastern India. The membership of the Chamber comprises several of the largest corporate groups in the country, with business operations all over the country and abroad. Set up by a group of pioneering industrialists led by Mr. G D Birla, the Indian Chamber has been closely associated with the Indian Freedom Movement.

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Awards Overview

The inaugural PEXA2019 Awards will recognise outstanding accomplishments in Patient Experience in India. The Awards will honour the best performers while serving as a benchmark for excellence and set clear goals for regional PX leaders who currently pursue it. The Awards aim at reflecting the accomplishments of organisations and individuals in multiple categories ranging from care to operational technology, those who put patients at the forefront of their development. The Awards also recognise that hospitals provide an overall outstanding Patient Experience. To be presented at our flagship event - Patient Experience Conclave and Awards 2019, the CRM Academy of Asia, ICC and Terragni Consulting look forward to paying tribute to organisations and inspiring role models that lead the way.


Our Distinguished Jury Members

It is our honour and privilege to present our distinguished panel of judges for India's very first edition of the Patient Experience Awards

  • Dr. Anurag Batra, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief, Business World Media Group
  • Dr. Gurpreet Sandhu, President, Council for Healthcare and Pharma
  • Dr. Vikram Raghuvanshi, Chairman, ICC Healthcare Committee
  • Dr. Ruchir Mehra, Co-Founder, Remedo
  • Mr. Sudershan Banerjee, Former CEO, Amway India, Executive Vice President, Boreal Agro Minerals Inc
  • Mr. Prem Singh Rathore, General Manager, Business Processes & Quality, Head - Internal Audit, Antara Senior Living
  • Mr. Kayzad Hiramanek, Chief - Operations & Customer Experience, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Dr. Amit Chakrapani – Founder & Managing Director, CRM ACADEMY OF ASIA
  • Mr. Sujoy Ghosh – Director, ICC
  • Dr. Anil Pillai -Director, Director, Terragni Consulting

Nomination & Registration for the PEXA2019 Awards

Welcome to the Nomination Process for PEXA2019 for all team and individual entries. Please note that entries will only be accepted using the online submission form. If you are making multiple entries, please use a separate Official Entry Form for each entry. Please study the Award Categories shared below carefully and decide in which category does your application need to be made. For any information or answers to questions you can also email or

Please also carefully note deadlines and critical dates for PEXA2019 submissions and more

  • Applications Acceptance:     Up to October 30, 2019
  • Finalists Announcement:       November 30, 2019
  • Winners Announcement:       December 11, 2019

PEXA2019 Awards Categories

S.No Category Description / Eligibility No of Awards
1. Patient Experience Team of the Year This category is to recognise teams who have made a difference to their patients' experience. This may be due to actions they have taken as a team or through implementing or supporting a patient experience initiative. 1
2. Patient Experience Professional of the Year This category is to recognise individuals who have made a difference to their patients' experience. This may be due to actions they personally have taken, or to their contribution to their team, or through implementing or supporting a patient experience initiative. 1
3. Patient Experience Delivery Professional of the Year This category is to recognise the individual from the caregivers like nursing, attendants and other supporting staff who have made a difference to their patients' experience. This may be due to actions they have taken as an individual through implementing or supporting a patient experience initiative. 1
4. Patient Experience Leader of the Year | Individual This category is to recognise the leader who has made a considerable and significant difference to the organisation's patients' experience. This may be due to his actions, empowerment and vision that have taken the patient experience initiative to a next level. His team handling initiatives and capabilities will also be recognised in this category. 1
5. Patient Experience Leader of the Year | Organisation.
Large Hospitals
(> 300 beds)
• Medium & Small Hospitals
(< 300 and > 100 beds)
• Not-for-Profit Hospitals
This category is for the hospitals / organisations has a PX challenge and crafted the strategy, used the internal and external insights and taken action to address it plus results delivered. The organisations that have demonstrated a significant improvement or change following the insights and designed a PX programmes. Through a process of unpicking the issue, and learning from an adverse experience, the organisation has implemented a change (could be to behaviours, processes, environment or other) that has addressed the issue for the better. Iplementing or supporting a patient experience initiative. 1 Award for each Category
6. Best PX Communication Programme This category looks at systems and programmes facilitating two way dialogue between patients / families and their caregivers. The importance of effective communication cannot be underestimated and can have a powerful effect on the patient experience. If you have some examples of how you have communicated effectively in a way that has made a difference then why not put forward a submission now? What better way to acknowledge the great work of your team, share your successful practice and gain recognition for the superb initiatives you have implemented? 1
7. Health Insurance Products and Service Innovation Recognition of unique health insurance products which addresses the need of the Indian Market. There should be measurable impact thorough the use of innovative technologies / processes in enhancing the distribution channels of the product, as well as creating more awareness and penetration through various marketing efforts. 1
8. Healthcare
Start-Up | Patient Experience Delivery Innovation
Recognition for the start-up which has developed and implemented an innovation (product / methodology / process / service) and has scaled to create a measurable impact in the Indian healthcare industry. The level of impact should be demonstrated and quantifiable in terms of health outcomes over the past 24 months. 1
9. Patient Experience Technology Innovation The most innovative technology, enabling healthcare providers in delivering effective and impactful patient experience.
10. Best Patient Experience in the Care of Underprivileged Patients This category is for the hospitals / organisations that have delivered the best patient experience to underprivileged patients. Share the case study.
11. Best Organisation for Staff / Employee Engagement for PX The Staff Engagement / Improving Staff Experience category recognises how creating better staff experiences can bring benefit to all. This category concerns programmes focusing on staff needs – emotional, physical, educational, and spiritual – recognising the critical importance of staff engagement in the delivery of an improved patient experience. Employee engagement is vital for ensuring employees are fully involved and motivated about their work or organisation. Engagement motivators usually include employee satisfaction with the impact for their work, rewards, relationships, values, mission, sustainability and working environment. If you have been involved in improving staff engagement or staff experience then this is the ideal category to enter, as being recognised for making improvements in this area can bring many benefits, not just to the team, but to the organisation as a whole. 1
12. Innovation for Measuring Patient Experience Strategic programmes and initiatives focusing on the use of patient experience measurement to drive improvement; Programmes orientated at effectively measuring the patient experience, reporting the outcomes, and ensuring actions to improve are taken as a result. 1

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PEXA2019 Awards Nominations Eligibility Criteria

  • Any organisation participating in the Awards should be an Indian entity with a registered presence in India.
  • The project / initiative / innovation / service should be completely executed in the Indian operations of the participant organisation.
  • Organisation must have at least 2 years of registered presence and operations in India as on March 31, 2019.
  • For Healthcare Start-Up category organisation must have at least 1 year of registered presence and operations in India as on March 31, 2019.
  • The project / initiative / innovation / service should have been fully launched on or after April 1, 2016, till March 31, 2019.
  • Individuals can also nominate themselves and apply for Awards in the Individual Categories on the condition that they submit a letter of approval / support from their organisation on their official letterhead – granting them permission to do so and validating the claims made by them in their application form.
  • The Awards shall be given to the project / initiative / innovation / service which are fully implemented and showcase impact for the period April 1, 2018, to March 31, 2019.
  • Employees and immediate family members of the award management, sponsors and partners of the Awards are not allowed to participate in the Awards
  • The project / initiative / innovation / service nominated / applied for must be developed within the participating organisation.
  • An organisation cannot participate on behalf of its sister units; parent organisation or other organisations under the parent organisation
  • Nursing homes, dispensaries, dental facilities and nonallopathic and facilities cannot apply.
  • The final eligibility of the Participant/s will be subject to the discretion and approval of the Awards Management and Jury
  • Participation in the Awards is subject to rules and regulations defined herein on this website.
  • In case of any situation not covered by the rules and regulations defined herein on this website – the matter shall be examined by the Awards Organising Committee and/or the Awards Jury. Any decision taken by them in this regard by the Organising Committee or the Jury will be final.
  • The Jury may modify the eligibility criteria from time to time with retrospective effect.
  • The Jury holds the right to disqualify any application which does not meet the eligibility criteria without assigning any reason whatsoever.

Who all can apply for the PEXA2019 Awards

  • Each Award will be self-nominated.
  • Interested hospitals / healthcare providers should nominate themselves by filling a form and providing supporting documentation.
  • Each organisation can nominate themselves in up to 3 categories
  • Each category will have a comprehensive nomination form that will help the jury to evaluate and shortlist the winners
  • Winners will be announced during the Patient Experience Conclave and Awards hosted by CRM Academy of Asia, Terragni Consulting and Indian Chamber of Commerce.
  • All technology providers / solution providers will compete against other technology / solution providers.
  • Jury's decision will be final and will be based on the details shared by the nominee.

Suggested Participant Categories for PEXA2019 Awards

Ambulance Service Specialised Clinics Hospital Professional Services / Consultancy
Healthcare Equipment Foundation Trust Third Party Administrator (TPA) Research / Education
Care Home / Hospice General Practice Pharmacy Technology Organisations
Community Government Body / Institute Physiotherapy Health Insurance
Diagnostic Lab Home Healthcare Private Healthcare Providers Health Care Start-Up

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PEXA2019 Awards Application Process

  • The application form is online and is available at
  • Forms should be filled in English only.
  • All the fields are mandatory and must be filled
  • Please fill (NA/na) in the fields which are not applicable.
  • Incomplete forms or forms with incomplete sections may not be considered.
no side image
  • A participating organisation can send entries in more than one eligible category however provided it is for a separate project / initiative.
  • Each individual project / initiative would need a separate online application form to be filled and fees to be paid separately.
  • One form cannot be used for multiple projects / initiatives
  • If multiple partners apply for the same initiative / product / service, then they should agree amongst themselves who would be the rightful owner of the initiative / product / service. The Award’s management or any of its partners will not be involved in deciding the same
  • The Jury has the right to reclassify application forms from one category to another or reject an application, at its discretion. This is not contestable in any manner
  • It is highly recommended to provide all monetary figures in INR Crores
  • Please maintain one copy of the completed form with you for your records
  • Please provide up to 5 supporting documents including permission letter from organisation in case of individuals, declaration letter from organisation confirming their application for the categories applied for, any testimonials and validation from independent third-party sources wherever possible, to support your entry details. Supporting documents have to be in the following formats only – pdf, doc, jpeg. Size of each document cannot exceed 2 MB. 
  • Agreed Declaration by the Authorised person of the organisation is mandatory in case of applications by both organisations and individuals as mentioned above.
  • Last date for receiving completed application forms online submission is 1800 hrs on 30/10/2019
  • If you have any questions, or require any clarifications, or in case you are a not-for-profit hospital wanting to apply - please email Mr. Hemant Bhardwaj on or write to us at
no side image

PEXA2019 Awards Selection Process

  • All valid entries will be screened by an interim jury panel
  • The jury will have the sole right and discretion to reject entries that in their view do not meet the basic specified criteria
  • Written entries shortlisting: The jury will evaluate the entries for their participant category and shortlist the top 3 entries.
  • Based on the evaluation framework agreed with the Jury, screening Jury will scrutinize all valid applications received and short-list entries for field visit verification
  • Field visits to the finalists may be conducted by an independent agency nominated by CRM ACADEMY OF ASIA, Terragni Consulting and ICC to validate the authenticity of the information provided in application form / questionnaire
  • Post field visits, finalists will be contacted and provided with the date, venue and presentation format in which they would be required to present their case study to the final Jury
  • Only CEO / CXOs / Project Heads working on the initiative of short-listed applications would be required to make the presentation in person to the final Jury comprising eminent persons from healthcare and related fields, for determination of winners.
  • The cost of travel incurred by participants, if any, would need to be borne by the participant
  • Alternatively - the top 3 entries can make their presentations over Skype to the Jury
  • Based on the presentation, the Jury members will then individually score the entries. An aggregate score for each of the entries will be calculated and the winner will be decided based on these aggregate scores.
  • The award ceremony would include screening of the audio-visual presentation of the winner.
  • Awards will be given only to the winner in each category.
  • There could be one or more winners in each award category, as mentioned in the category section. However, the final decision will be at the discretion of the Jury. The Jury’s decision on all matters relating to these Awards would be final and binding on all participants, and non-contestable.
  • In case the Jury does not come to a consensus on a particular category, the Jury may not award that category and proceed as it otherwise deems suitable

PEXA2019 Awards Evaluation Criteria

  • Each judge will rate the nominee out of total marks i.e. 100 - for each parameter.
  • This score will be solely based on the organisation’s efforts in the last 12 months.
  • The final score will be the summation of scores from all judges.
  • The Nominee with the highest score will be declared as a winner.
  • Hence there will be no comparison with other organisation's efforts and performance as each organisation is unique and so are the challenges faced by them.

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Nomination for PEXA2019 Awards – Entry Fee

The Nomination to Award is free Subject to Registration of Minimum three Delegates from your Organization.

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PEXA2019 Awards Nomination & Application Form

Welcome to the Official Entry Form for the PEXA2019 Awards for all team and individual entries. Please note that entries will only be accepted using the online submission form. If you are making multiple entries, please use a separate Official Entry Form for each entry.

Please read the scoring criteria shared below and then complete your application form – basis the requirements shared.

Scoring Criteria
Overall Maximum Word Count Allowed = 2000 words including the summary
Please outline clearly the key elements of the initiative from project conception, execution through to results and why this Entry deserves recognition.

The following criteria are relevant to all stages of judging: Each criterion requires a compelling, fully evidenced description.

Please describe the business / Patient Experience Challenge which you were trying to solve and its impact to the overall business.
Please describe the business objectives of this initiative, quantify the benefits you were trying to achieve and its impact to the overall business.
Please describe the actions taken to ensure the success of the strategy and the effectiveness of the solutions developed in addressing the business objectives.
Please describe the implementation process highlighting key challenges and achievements within defined project timelines and budgets.
Please detail the specific contributions of the initiative on your organisation’s performance including but not limited to, improvements on service delivery, operations and reception by customers.
Please demonstrate the overall impact on business performance using quantifiable results and include outcomes on how the initiative is achieving targeted business objectives.
Please describe what was done differently with regards to people, process and technology making the initiative outstanding and creative.

Please describe from the perspective relevant to the category entered i.e. organization, team or individual. For Team / Individual entries the following additional information is also required. 

Scoring Criteria
Overall Maximum Word Count Allowed = 2000 words including the summary
Please outline clearly the key elements of the initiative from project conception, execution through to results and why this Entry deserves recognition.

The following criteria are relevant to all stages of judging: Each criterion requires a compelling, fully evidenced description.

ABOUT THE NOMINEE – Please tell us:
What inspired the individual / team to become / be involved in Patient Experience? Give us a bit of background to the formation / operation of the team.
THE TEAM – Please let us know: Please tell us about the individual / team when they are on assignments / work projects.
  • What makes this team stand out from their peers?
  • How does the team provide a consistent, high-quality service?
  • Over what time period has the team worked in their field?
  • What initiative the team has taken to deliver the enhanced Patient Experience?
  • What the team has done to improve the standards in their field?
THE LEADER – Please let us know:
  • What has the leader done to promote or improve standards in their field?
  • What part has the leader played in the provision and development of service to patients?
  • How has the leader encouraged his team to progress?
  • Is the leader involved with any related professional associations? If so, in what capacity?
THE PROFESSIONAL – Please let us know:
  • What has the individual done to promote or improve standards in their field?
  • What part has the individual played in the provision and development of service to patients?
  • How has the individual encouraged others to progress?
  • Is the individual involved with any related professional associations? If so, in what capacity?
THE DELIVERY PROFESSIONAL (only for the persons from Nursing / Front Desk )– Please let us know:
  • What has the individual done to deliver the Patient Experience?
  • What part has the individual in sharing the feedback of the Patients to senior team members?
  • How has the individual reacted to the troublesome patients?
  • How does the individual manage the family / friends / attendants of the patient?

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