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Consumers do not just buy products. They buy experiences offered by brands across multiple touch points. Every experience across each touch point can make a business win or lose a customer. And that’s where we at CRM Academy of Asia ( CRMAA ) come in. We’re a global not-for-profit organisation -working with the world’s best known brands to create memorable and result oriented Customer Experiences and create long-term Customer Relationships - that enthuse consumers and motivate employees to take action. Since a happy customer is the best business strategy of all.

Thought Leadership

An ever-growing, members-only accessible repository of thought leadership content & data to help you stay ahead of the curve. Our curated, on-ground events that include round-tables, master-classes enable you to network and grow with the like-minded CRM professionals. And our Customer Officer Network Community Membership offers benefits for you as an individual or as an organisation to drive your business.


From one-on-one leadership coaching to organisation wide customised training sessions and workshops, our programmes empower and inspire employees to achieve exceptional results, improve the experience of every customer, and become part of long-term, sustainable brand growth.


Before an organisation can transform culturally, it must be readiedoperationally. Our intensive research practices yield profound and targeted insights. These insights provide the foundation for a fresh internal dialogue about Customer Relationship Management and how it can be created and delivered.


Our offering includes expertise & frameworks to evaluate plus create benchmarks for current & evolving CX standards & practices in both national & international settings using our proprietary tools - Customer Experience Quotient Assessment
CX Audit
CRM Audit
Product Audit


Our consulting services address both an organisation’s internal readiness and its external customer practices. We are master architects of Customer Experience, working with our clients to redesign the customer’s journey through a brand, its offerings, and its front-facing staff across multiple touch points.




Our organisational ecosystem fosters and delivers excellence in end-to-end Customer Experience Strategy and Delivery



An independent, not - for - profit organisation with a global footprint offering objective advice and services to clients, partners, businesses and members


Real-world Experience

Powered by a mix of real - world practitioners, hands - on academics, CX professionals across multiple business verticals


CX Community

An evolved members - only Community of the best and brightest to drive evolution of the CX business.


Proprietary Tools & Processes

Robust, practical tools and processes that enable brands to audit, benchmark and deliver better value


End-to-end Solutions

A full service CX firm that delivers results via Thought Leadership, Learning, Research, Accreditation and Consulting


Employees, Consumers & Businesses

Solutions for both B2B & B2C organisations and their employees


Creative Solutions

Out - of - the - box customised solutions for impact and results. From simple and practical to complex and precise. All focused on delivering quick and optimum ROI


CX Resources

A members - only accessible repository of the latest and best CX thought leadership content


Result oriented

From research to analysis to insights to action & execution that delivers best business results

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