Customer Experience Quotient Assessment

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A valid Measurement Tool for CX Knowledge now available at CRMAA through our partner CX University, USA.

CRMAA and CX University are delighted to announce our CX Quotient (CXQ), assessment tool which is useful to benchmark one’s proficiencies in the business and goes further than the average assessment to ensure its statistical validity.

For professionals involved in creating and supporting a Customer Experience environment in their organisation, it is important that they can support their claims to CX competency or expertise with a third-party confirmation. Aside from the CXQ Assessment Score which can be used as an aid to distinguish one’s knowledge in CX, a further professional certification, such as the Customer Experience Specialist (CXS)™ certification, can be representative of the practitioner’s skill set.

We are offering our CX professionals an opportunity to take the 30 question Customer Experience Quotient Assessment at no charge, for a limited time. Simply click on the link below and complete the assessment. A competency profile and feedback will be received upon completion of the test.

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