CX Audit

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CRM Academy of Asia is proud to present our flagship product -the CX Audit. Especially relevant for Managers and Directors in Marketing and Brand functions; Heads of Digital, Multichannel Marketing, Customer Engagement, and Commercial Excellence.

The Customer Experience Audit is a proprietary tool and valuable metric to distinguish whether the customer’s experience and related efforts are pleasing or disappointing your customers and therefore whether you’re enjoying an advantage over your competition to tap the related financial opportunities or leaving them on the table.

Integrated at the point of interaction with customers, the metric is calculated from customers’ direct response to three questions about the experience they just had with you. It assesses the simplicity in getting the information, the relevance of the information, and the trustworthiness of the information/ service. It is a comprehensive metric and tool which Measures the performance of your key customer experiences against the competition.

The CX Audit enables CX professionals to gauge how well your organisation performs the essential activities of Customer Experience Management, discover which ones you need to strengthen and learn how to do so.

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